The Food Kitchen Event

The food kitchen event is an annual event organized by and it is designed to provide relief to low income and disadvantaged communities. 

As the name suggest, the food kitchen event has a meal component to it but the event is much more than this. The event revolves around: [1] registration of all participants, [2] medical check-up, [3] a pharmacy for over-the-counter drugs, [4]  food for the day and [5] take home items such as clothes, shoes, toys and other items.

This is all done for FREE as the team together with hundreds of volunteers and in partnership with sponsor(s), serve the community for a day.

Paint the City project

Learning from the Broken Windows Theory, an unkempt environment can be a catalyst for an atmosphere that breeds crime and disorderly conduct. Simply put, our enviornment affects the way we bahave.

With paint the city project, we are transforming the physical enviroment we live in. The hope is to create a spiraling effect that will turn shunned environments to a place we can begin to take pride and ownership once again.

Join us and inspire a future of colorful, liveable and vibrant communities in our cities. See pictures below from our work in Oshodi.