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We are a family of volunteers who want to improve the state of our communities. Today, we see more people receding into poverty than getting out of it. 

In Nigeria, we have over 110 million people living below the poverty line. This is inconceivable especially with the current difficult economic situation. 

At lofelofe.com, we believe we can do something about this.

Our approach is to (1) get citizens involved and (2) know our communities better so as to assist them using tailored approaches that fit. It takes a village to raise a child but it also takes a village to ruin one. 

Get involved

Since 2014, Lofelofe.com has been sourcing for items from givers and redirecting them to areas where they are most needed. In addition to this, lofelofe.com has evolved and is more active in grassroot communities. 

Our 3 main community projects are:

  • The Food Kitchen Event

  • Paint the city project and

  • Pop-up store empowerment project